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Job Title: Associate Engineer- DOT

  • Location:                  Plant 2
  • Supervisor:              Jake Siudyla
  • Date Posted:           Wednesday June 16, 2019
  • Closing Date:          Wednesday June 26, 2019

Purpose: Responsible for producing Engineering documentation, computation and support for assigned job orders which are part of the company’s tank production, including ASME, DOT, UL, TC and non-code pressure/vacuum tanks. This employee will report to the Engineering Division Manager. This position is full-time and is exempt under FLSA.

Position Prerequisite:

Must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complies with all rules and regulations of Mid-State Tank’s and actively contributes to workplace safety.
  2. Experience in the tank building process.
  3. Knowledge of quality standards for tank welding, plasma cutting, grinding, buffing.
  4. Ability to read blue prints and thorough working knowledge of tank bill of materials.
  5. Ability to provide constructive feedback following quality standards.
  6. Ability to communicate and demonstrate to other’s the skills necessary to meet quality standards.
  7. Knowledge of Aluminum preferred.
  8. Ability to climb in and out of tanks.
  9. Interacts in a positive and cooperative manner in all dealings with co-workers and management.
  10. Actively participates in training; stays current and in compliance with required annual safety training.
  11. Supports manufacturing improvement programs and initiatives. Offers and helps implement improvement suggestions.
  12. Maintains a clean, orderly and safe working environment; wears and utilizes all PPE required for each job.
  13. Follows standard work and work instructions.
  14. Displays a high degree of attention to detail.
  15. Displays appropriate sense of urgency in communicating concerns (safety, quality, etc.).
  16. Cross-trains in order to perform all tasks in job rotation including working in plant 2.
  17. Works overtime, including weekends as required.
  18. Time off work is dependent on availability with other inspectors.

Essential Functions

Required but not limited to:

  1. Works with the Engineering Division Manager and Sales Management in coordinating the design of new tanks in order to meet customer expectations and design integrity.
  2. Prepares Production Drawings, Bills of Material, CNC Cut Sheets and Labor Hours for tank Job Orders.
  3. Prepares tank design calculations for pressure vacuum and Code tank compliance as required.
  4. Assists Production as needed to assure tank compliance with the Engineering design.
  5. Occasionally consults with customers on tank design and prepares approval drawings.
  6. Attends industry trade shows as requested.
  7. Performs other duties as assigned or required.

Qualifications Required (Education and Experience)

  1. Applicable Engineering Degree and 3-5 years of experience in a manufacturing environment.
  2. Professional Engineer License or eligibility is preferred.
  3. Experience with DOT/ASME tank construction is also preferred.

Competencies Required

  1. Possesses a thorough understanding of design and manufacturing practice.
  2. Knowledge of ASME welding standards and procedures is preferred.
  3. High level of proficiency and accuracy with AutoCAD software.

If interested, please Apply Online or email a resume to

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